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Lock a measurement, Mark with confidence!

You will easily strike multiple Measurements, parallel lines, arcs, and circles, even mark single-handedly in awkward and blind positions. It's so much easier with a Pencilman!

You use a tape measure. You probably use a pencil or marker with it too. And you've also probably dropped the pencil or had the awkward situation where the tape slips. And if you're on a ladder it's worse.

PencilMan gives you the single-handed advantage by both holding the pencil and locking the measurement. So now you only need to hold the tape to mark. Just having the pencil with the tape saves a lot of headache too.
Durable, Thoughtful, Versatile.

By using quality materials like Nylon, heated-treated chrome plated steel, and rubber over molded ABS plastic, PencilMan will provide years of trustworthy use.

Not only is Pencil ergonomic, it's reversible for left-handed use. The belt clip, tape brake lever is conveniently located for thumb action and it's reinforced cam clamps the tape so it won't move. This affords consistent marking. A static cord on the tape hook provides easy access an doubles as a grip for holding the tape end.

PencilMan also accepts a variety of marking tools; regular pens and pencils, carpenter's pencil, Sharpies, and markers up to 5/8" diameter. Flip the Nylon quick-release cam for easy retrieval. The brass adjustment screw easily varies the clamp effect.

Take a look at the User's Guide page for more detailed information.